Yes, Or No From Carbon Capture Technology?

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Yes, or No to Carbon Capture Technology? Ever since I was a kid, I loved nature. I loved going on hikes and exploring new places. I am always looking forward to the seeing the breathtaking views that this earth has to offer. With this, comes my want to protect it, to make sure that the structures that we see today, are unaffected by the actions we, as humans, commit on the daily basis. One very important subject that comes with keeping our earth clean is air pollution. Our atmosphere is suffering continuously because of all the chemical emissions from fossil fuels being used. There are many efforts trying to come up with ways to reduce and clean our polluted air. Scientists are proposing many different methods that could possibly eliminate pollution flowing into our atmosphere. The problem with a lot of these solutions is that they are short term.
Carbon capture technology is a relatively new solution that is currently being tested to create that long term solution we have been searching for. The thought is that if we capture the carbon dioxide before it is released into the atmosphere, we can store it and use it for energy later, and in doing this, prevent harmful emissions. Once it is captured, it can be stored and used for power in the future. On paper I think it is a great plan, but, is it going to deliver the results that it proclaims it will? Will it be a positive step forward for the environment? Is the new technology cost effective compared to the benefits that it…
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