Yezidi Genocide In Iraq: A Case Study

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Regional Context Not only were the Yezidis in Iraq affected by the two Ottoman attempts at Yezidi genocide, but the Yezidi populations in Armenia and Syria were also targeted as the Ottomans sought to coalesce power and strengthen power through violent domination and oppression of subgroups within the Ottoman state (Fuccaro 1999; Golbasi 2008). Yezidis in Armenia have enjoyed relative peace and respect post- Ottoman decline. The community receives accommodations from the Armenian government including language instruction in Yezidi (distinct from Kurdish and Armenian), funding for a Yezidi national news paper, and Armenian public radio air time for Yezidi-language broadcasting programs (Yezidi National Union 2017). Along with the allegations of recent genocide in Iraq, the Yezidi diaspora is spreading beyond ancestral lands to European countries such as Sweden and Germany. It is in the acceptance of political asylum seekers and legally designated refugees by these European powers that we see human rights observances in action from able actors (these states are capable of ensuring rights protections for these displaced community and thus have agreed to accept the responsibility in compliance with international human rights obligations). Thus the diaspora in Europe demonstrates how regional instability can be…show more content…
Daesh, often called ISIS in North American popular media, is an Arabic acronym formed from the initial letters of the group's name in Arabic - "al-Dawla al-Islamiya fil Iraq wa al-Shams". The name Daesh resembles a verb in Arabic associated with trampling and crushing and the group's supporters object to its use as it has a connotation of abuse and illegitimacy in addition to “pejorative overtones” (Irshaid
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