Yigael Yadins Archaeological Contributions

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Yigael Yadin’s Archaeological Contributions Introduction Biblical Archeology has helped in supporting the historicity of the Bible. Not that archaeology proves or disapproves the Bible – this it does not, it only supports the history of the Bible. One of the discoveries that support the biblical historicity is the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls came from eleven caves, mined over the course of seven years, over 15,000 documents supporting biblical historicity have been unearthed at Qumran. One of the archeologist that played an important part in this discovery was Yigael Yadin of Israel. Yadin, not only contributed to the discovery and research of the Dead Sea Scrolls more than any other archeologist, but he also…show more content…
Not only did he contribute to the discovery and research of the Dead Sea Scrolls but he also was responsible for unearthing many mysteries that surrounded the history of Israel at places like Masada, Hazor and Tel Megiddo. In this paper I will briefly talk about Yadin’s life, his archeological achievements and major contributions to biblical archeology and in doing so will show that Yadin was no ordinary archeologist but truly was a one of the most influential archeologists concerning the discoveries as it relates to the history of Israel. Early Life Yigael Yadin’s original name was Yigael Sukenik and he was born March 21, 1917 in Jerusalem. His mother was Chassiya Sukenik and his father was Lipa Sukenik. Even as a child people remarked how exceptionally beautiful he was and how remarkable he was at a young age. This would prove to be true later in life. He was considered as growing up in a middle-class Jewish society in far-off Lithuania. His mother, Chassiya had the opportunity to become a respectable businessman’s wife in Bialystok but she had no desire to do so. Chassiya had as far back as her teenage years intended to become a teacher of Jewish pioneers’ children among the palm trees of Eretz Israel. Yadin’s father, Lipa

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