Yin And Yang : What Do The Chinese? Believe About Nature?

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Yin and Yang

What do the Chinese in this period believe about nature?

Which society in today’s time has the clearest connections to the past?

How many civilizations were there in the classical period, for China? Name all of them in order

When did the Zhou dynasty start to decline?

What were the people who received land from the ruler supposed to give the government in return for the land?

What was the main reason the Zhou dynasty in decline?

What was the standard spoken language in China during this time called?

Who was the person who gave China its name?

What was built to help protect Northern China from invaders?

What was the general way that people felt about Qin?

Who was the most famous of the Han dynasty rulers?

What was the name of the invaders who dealt the final blow on the Han dynasty?

Who created a better system to govern with? Describe that system


China was militaristic. True of False

What were some things that the government aided with?

How long did it take for the emperor’s message to reach the outer districts?

What did Chinese people use chopsticks to do (and I don’t mean eating)?

What were some of the things Confucius taught?

How did Legalism believe the state should be treated?

What was a limit to Confucianism that made it not really appealing to common people?

Why did
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