Yin Yang 's Influence On Human Body Being Dealing With Health Issues

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Yin Yang was conceived from the oldest texts called the 'Classic of Change ' and the in Chinese it is known as I Ching. Yin Yang and Wu Xing was borrowed from the earlier schools though confucianism was the dominant and official religion school of thought during the Han dynasty. Yin Yan initially was elaborated and written by Tsou Yen(or Zou Yan) of the Naturalist school(Yin Yang). The Yin Yang phenomena are widely seen in human body being dealing with health issues. That diseases start if there is an imbalance in the Yin Yang in our bodies. If Yin and Yang are balance then we are healthy. Yin(black) and Yang(white), Yin can be seen as more superior to Yang but the two forces of nature are complementary halves(having nature of change) as…show more content…
In the Sheng cycle, the generative force is best explained as a mother-child relationship or even with the cycle of the seasons like one produces another element. Here the one element will represent mother. Whereas in the Ko cycle, the controlling sequence known as the Ko cycle can be best explained as a father-child relationship where one element controls the other. Here the one element will represent father. Ko cycle is responsible to see the balance between objects. So father-child label is similar to a traditional family role where the father is the head of the family while in the mother-child label, the mother is seen as a caring and grooming force. The Sheng cycle depicts characteristics of Yang; which regulates development and excessive. Whereas the Ko cycle is seen to depict characteristics of Yin; which is controlling and destructive. In some situations dealing with the Ko cycle if one element is seen to be over-dominating or over-controlling the element becomes deficient causing in an relationship one element becoming more excessive then the other. Example: Earth will be over-controlling over wood, then wood will be caused to be deficient. If opposite happens that is if the element that should be controlled is excessive, it will control the element how it normally controls it. Example: instead of earth controlling wood, if wood becomes excessive it can insult earth, causing earth to be imbalance. Another example can be that if the child is back-answering

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