Ying Ying

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Love or Betrayal?

“The Story of Ying-ying” was written during or after the Zhenyuan period which was between 785 to 804 (LUO, 2005). The story is about a young scholar named Chang, who meets the lovely Cui Yingying, who is a maiden that comes from a good family and Chang tries to save Yingying’s family from marauding soldiers (LUO, 2005). At first, Yingying shy’s away from Chang’s advances, but changes her mind and offers herself to him. When Chang leaves for the capital to take his examinations, he receives a letter from Yingying declaring her love for him. Chang then decides to end the relationship and both ended up marrying other people. Chang returns and tries to see Yingying, but she refuses, while all throughout the story,
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Chang realizes that Yingying is his weakness and the only way to cope with the whole situation as to inform his friends of what had happened; this allowed him to free himself from the curse-like love he had for Yingying. Some people may consider Chang as being cruel for leaving his lover in the first place, but he knew from the beginning of the story that she was too good for him, and he needed to save himself rather than staying with someone that he has skepticism about. “Not only does Ying-ying’s influence disfigure Zhang’s morality, changing him into a lustful creature, it ultimately hinders his future,” (LUO, 2005). Ultimately, Chang loses double. He loses the girl of his dreams and he also loses the ability to focus on his examinations because of the girl in his life that it doesn’t work out with. Chang does the right thing by going back to try and visit with Yingying, but she refuses and this was her last chance to recapture her adaption of the story, in which she is the goddess who appears and vanishes only on her own terms (Owen, 1996). “Hence, her power disintegrates when she loses her control of Zhang, who realizes her scheme, and plays
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