Yiyao Su. 3/24/17. Career Or Family. Depicting In Both

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Yiyao Su 3/24/17 Career or Family Depicting in both movie Ruan Lingyu and Red Rose White Rose is an album of various types of women during the time of early twentieth century. During this period, the concept of career and family co-ordination has had a significant impact on the real life of women during the Republican period. Females have had to either take on the dual roles of professional women and housewives or make difficult choices between their careers and families. At that time, with the rise of female profession trend, some women to feed their families had to be exhausted in both family and career. From the movie of Ruan Lingyu, Ruan is able to take care of the family and her career as a famous actress very well enjoying her life…show more content…
This ideal men 's personality profoundly influenced many women at the time. In 1940, there was a woman 's marriage notice of her self-description written as "female, 26, unmarried, slim and beautiful, warm and solemn, normal school graduation, interested in art and needlework with old morals and new ideas."(Yu Hualin). In general, marriage notice is the description of one’s personal conditions, which always describes the best of their own advantages or the attractions to impress the opposite sex. This woman’s description of her normal school graduation and interests of literature and art openly advertised her ability to have an independent livelihood, and the description of her temperament and interests of needlework highlighted her ability to regulate a family. This line of words and deeds is an ideal example of male 's ideal personality projected on women. Besides the impact from the male, the persecution of life also intensified the problem. During the period of the Republic of China, because of the war and economic depression, women had to engage in career to feed their families. The bankruptcy of the rural countryside led to the increasing number of women labor in the urban areas. At the same time, because the extent of daily life modernization was still very little. Many of the basic daily routines such as child care cannot be done by the social institutions; instead, most of them could only be done by the

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