Ymca Business Plan

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INTRODUCTION The Young Men's Christian Association ("YMCA" or in the USA "the Y") is a worldwide movement of more than 45 million members from 124 national federations affiliated through the World Alliance of YMCAs. Founded on June 6, 1844 in London, England by George Williams, the goal of the organization was putting Christian principles into practice, achieved by developing "a healthy spirit, mind, and body." The YMCA is a federated organization made up of local and national organizations in voluntary association. Today, YMCAs are open to all, regardless of faith, social class, age, or gender. The World Alliance of YMCAs is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The YMCA is a powerful association of men, women, and children committed…show more content…
Each YMCA is a part of a franchise both independently owned and operated. All clubs are based on the same concept, being a non-profit organization. Competitive Analysis The YMCA’s new Teen Center’s main competitors include after school programs offered by high schools including tutoring services for high school curriculum, college counseling programs, and job preparation classes. The main strength of these programs and services is that there is only a one time fee a customer would pay, whereas at the YMCA members would pay a membership fee and then have to pay a discounted program fee. Another competitor would be the home because it’s financially cheaper to let kids stay at home instead of paying for the membership and program fees at the YMCA. The final strength is that these for profit programs would have an easier time creating programs because of the constant intake of customers membership fees whereas at the YMCA the funds would have to be donated or raised through fundraisers to provide money to building the facility. The weaknesses of these of competitors are that they must market their programs to new people because they do not already have customers. This is a weakness because bringing in new customers is more expensive than retaining old ones. Another weakness is that they must build facilities in order to offer these programs and services. The advantages of the YMCA Teen Center is that it offers one large facility that provides a safe learning
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