“Yo My Son... She Bugging And Wildin Out Right Now, Shawty

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“Yo my son... she bugging and wildin out right now, shawty said the ice cream machine is broken.” The boy yells as he walks back to his group of friends who are sitting on top of the tables. Oh my God, why they look and smell like that. Why his pants are all the way down to his knees Eww why his white long John’s brown like doo doo? I rather smell the oil, from the fry’s station than to smell a group of boys smelling like Fritos corn chips. They are just corny like these establishments…wait, it’s raining in here? Why do I hear thunder? “Hello? Is there anybody in there...take the next order please Valorie time is money!” I hear Huff say after noticing that the loud thunder sound was coming from his two clip broads as he banged them…show more content…
He and I both know that he is not letting me go any time soon. Nobody wants to work in this dump anyways and besides everybody that he gives the keys to for the morning shift never make it on time to one. I live literally next door to this joint, who would be able to beat that unless they were to sleep outside every night. “Welcome to McDonald’s. May I take the next order?” I shouted with my head resting on the computer. I look up at the time and see 2:00pm. An old lady is up next for me to take her order. I kiss my teeth when I notice that she a regular. She orders the same crap everyday and takes forever to give me her change. God forgive me. “Best friend its 2:00pm lets go!” “Take her order before we go on break”, said Valorie as she flirting with some 26 year old with a blue Pelle Pelle jacket. His haircut had the deepest waves that would make you see sick; if you where to try to follow the end of each wave. I bet he had on matching blue Prada’s because that’s all the hood guys was rocking now. My best friend always loves a fashionable one. “I’ll be waiting for you downstairs. I do not have time for her today. She’ll be iight like I said; I’m waiting for you downstairs.” * Back to my usual corner I go next to the freezer where the frozen poison that America likes to call food; where I normally sit with my book. Sister Soulja my 12th grade teacher had introduced me to her before I had graduated. She is mostly famous for

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