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In Julia Alvarez's Yo!, Yolanda Garcia's family and friends get their chance to tell the truth about Yo. They express their feelings and their stories about Yo, including how she's always told lies, how she stole the plot for a story from a student, and how her college professor kept trying to prevent her from ruining her life and her talents. Alvarez tells Yolanda's story through other characters, while Yo is denied the privilege of defending herself. It is ironic because initially, the novel is based on Yolanda and how angry her loved ones are after she publishes a book that exposes personal things about each of them. In this novel, these very people are working to set the story straight and portray the true Yolanda Garcia that they …show more content…
Only difference was this Yo-yo lady had made all his characters Hispanic, changed the sport to baseball, and written up the story nice than Lou had been able to write it," (181). After Lou found his story in one of her published books, he grew very skeptical. His whole outlook on her changed. "Lou combed through the rest of the book, reading the stories that sounded familiar. Maybe she'd lifted stories by other kids in the class?" (181). In Julia Alvarez's Yo!, Lou is given the chance to at least set straight the fact that he had written the story that Yolanda Garcia entitled Return from Left Field. One person who never gave up on Yo was Professor Garfield. She constantly would ask for recommendations or help to get her life back on track. Of course he would help her. "Once in a career there comes a student," (73). Garfield was inspired by her and had a bigger dream for her than it seemed she could she for herself. Most teachers would give up on a student after the dropped out of several educational programs, but not Professor Garfield. He never seemed to lose hope, even after all that she had done, or not done. In Yo, Professor Garfield shares his view of Yolanda Garcia, a very gifted girl who did not use her talents the way he had planned for her, but who followed her own path to success. Yolanda Garcia is an outgoing, intellectual, and gossipy

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