Yo Soy Joaquin Thesis

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“Scorned by attitudes, suppressed by mortis putation, destroyed by modern society.’’ “muck explanation and in the fierce heat of racial hatred.” The quotes from the poem “ Yo Soy Joaquin” by Rodolfo Gonzalez represented discrimination. The meaning of his quotes are what he has been thru america. Destroyed by modern society symbolize the deaths of people’s culture, religions and how not all america is great as they say. Immigrants come to america for better life and hopes,dreams ,better education. As an child with immigrant parents i understand what Rodolfo might have been going thru the years he has been in america. Is America really a good america or just America. America is a world where it has discrimination,equality, patriotic…show more content…
He said “ let my land be a land where liberty is covered with no false patriotic wreath. ” In this qoute hes saying that the land of america or any other land should be everyone 's land. Everyone should have the same privilege, equality is one bing role of being an american. He also talk about how people don 't really care about being patriotic, meaning people don 't care about the culture of america or not respecting the nationality of their land. I agree with Langston Hughes because everyone wants liberty,freedom but they are just “Americans” because they live here and pretending they care for the nationally of America. The idea of being patriotic to your country means a lot to many people because it means that you actually care for your country. As Susan Noyes said in her poem “Patriot Dreams” , she said “ flags were flown and pledges spoken .” Susan is saying that people were proud of their country and would actually care to sing the national anthem back then. Now and days many people don’t even know the song or what it means to be a TRUE AMERICAN. Teenagers these days don’t even get up to do the pledge of allegiance because they don 't know the meaning of it or why do they need to that. When it comes to the topic of patriotic, most of us will readily agree that is has not been the same as years go by. Where this agreement ends,however,is on the question of the americans.whereas some are convinced that

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