Yog Yoga And Yoga

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In addition to meditation, yoga is also an important practice in Hinduism as well

as in Tibetan Buddhism. Yoga is used as a means to enlightenment and has influenced

other religious and spiritual practices throughout the world. The Bhagavad Gita and the

Yogasutra are some of the scriptures that establish the basis for yoga. The four main

types of yoga are Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Raja Yoga. Yoga helps

gain a mastery over the body and mind and can lead to the knowledge of actual reality.

The ultimate goal of yoga is to attain liberation from suffering and the endless cycle of

birth and death. Yoga and meditation are used together in order to achieve this

liberation and one who studies yoga is referred to as a yogi.

While at homestays in a village outside of Mae Rim, Thailand, I had the

oppertunity to meet a man named Ajarn Penom. Penom was the husband of our Thai

language teacher, Ajarn Petchara. Penom, though no longer, was ordained as a monk in

the school of Theravada Buddhism when he was just a small boy. He served as a

novice and then monk for ten years. One day instead of our regular language class, we were lucky enough to

have Penom come into class and talk to us about Theravada Buddhism and his life as a

monk. That night we had the opportunity to visit the temple of his residency, one of the most

beautiful in Thailand, and participate in meditation, chanting and a walking ceremony

where we circled one of the temples…

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