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What is yoga and how is it helpful to the average person? Many people hear the word "yoga" and think of some sort of stretching and breathing, but yoga is much more complex than this. Yoga is actually "characterized by body alignment." In other words it consists of many different "poses" that stretch and relax the entire body. Yoga is not just about someone sitting on the floor twisting their body. Blocks, straps, blankets, mats, and chairs are all used to enhance positions and to make sure each position is executed properly. Does yoga really benefit one's health, or is it just a waste of time? We have some answers to these questions.


There are many confusing and conflicting claims made about all alternative
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The group that practiced yoga was less aggressive, less excitable, evaluated their life satisfaction higher, had less somatic complaints, and was in higher spirits. This is evidence of a lower stress level in the women who engaged in yoga.

Another study, done in 1995, on elite runners and highly trained meditators. The runners and meditators were matched in age, sex, and personality. There was an equal positive mood change for both groups. This shows that meditation and yoga are very similar to exercise when it comes to relieving stress and enhancing mood.


A study was done in 1994 to see how yoga affected osteoarthritis of the hands. Two groups were again chosen to participate in the study. The first group was a control group that had no treatment and the other group practiced yoga once a week for eight weeks. After the eight weeks pain, strength, motion, joint circumference, tenderness, and hand function were assessed. The group that had studied yoga had less pain and tenderness, and a greater range of motion, where as the control group had much less significant progress.


Yoga has been used experimentally on patients with HIV/AIDS to help slow the progression of the disease. Yoga has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, and to increase energy and stamina. There is little evidence

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