Yoga Helps with Ptsd

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Breathing-Based Meditation Decreases Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in U.S. Military Veterans: A Randomized Controlled Longitudinal Study Beverly Hinderliter A growing body of evidence suggests meditation-based interventions have the potential to reduce symptoms and improve well-being (Marchand, 2013 for review; Mitchell et al., 2014). The Stanford University study entitled Breathing-Based Meditation Decreased Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in U.S. Military Veterans: A Randomized Controlled Longitudinal Study explores the effects of Sudarshan Kriya yoga, a meditation-based therapy, on U.S. military veterans with PTSD symptoms having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. “We selected Sudarshan Kriya yoga because it has…show more content…
These criteria account for the controlled nature of the study. A total of twenty-one people were selected. An effective computer-generated randomization list was then used for the intake process to assign qualifying participants to each group: the control group and the group doing Sudarshan Kriya yoga, observed over seven days. Varying factors among groups, such as combat exposure, age, education, and ethnicity were similar and seemingly even spread throughout. The sample of veterans is adequate in the sense that it is random and controlled, so there is a variety of real-life PTSD veterans from the field with different experiences and matching criteria being studied. Ideally, there’d be more than twenty-one participants in order to have a better representation of the veteran population but it was probably difficult to retrieve without effecting the quality of the study. The sample is also adequate because all controlled eligibility factors were proven during the screening process (substance use, age, etc.). The results showed that there is a relationship between time spent doing breathing-based meditation and decrease in PTSD symptoms, but this doesn’t account for all other factors that could effect lowered PTSD symptoms during the study or how the men experienced the yoga. Therefore, this is a correlational study, not a causal experiment. It can probably be assumed that this therapy helps a variety of male veterans decrease their PTSD symptoms, but does not
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