Yoga and Health

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Health and Yoga: Benefits of Yoga Related to Human Health About a year ago this month I injured my back working out at my local gym. My injury was just a pinched nerve in my lower back so it was nothing serious or to be worried about in the long term. The problem I was faced with was that after I healed, which took a couple of months with no exercise, I couldn’t get motivated to go back to he gym and continue working out. After two months of doing nothing the last thing I wanted to do was start all over again with my workouts and it was frustrating when I would try. I then began trying different home workouts such as insanity, but at home there are so many excuses not to workout so this experiment didn’t last long. By this time it was…show more content…
E. 2012). In modern society we are not faced with the same stress as our ancestors, there are no predators trying to harm us. Instead we are faced with stress such as money, education, or social stressors. Most of these stresses are brought on by our appraisal systems; its all how we as individuals want to perceive something that makes it stressful. This makes stress a tricky issue to try and improve because most of us have no choice but to stress. With that said we are also not helpless, we can choose intervention techniques to help us better cope with these stresses, research suggests that there are many ways we can reduce stress in our lives. One way is to incorporate our mind, body, and spirit through Yoga. A recent study done by Anderzén-Carlsson, A., Lundholm, U. P., Köhn, M., & Westerdahl, E. (2014) can help us better understand how Yoga helps to reduce stress. The participants described medical yoga as a way of alleviating suffering from their primary stress related symptoms as well as their other symptoms and lack of well-being. It provided the participants with a tool for dealing with their stress and current situation on a practical level. It also led to greater self-awareness and self-esteem, which in turn had an implicit impact on their life world. High self-esteem has been reported to help reduce stress in individuals; it gives them the confidence to
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