Yoga and its Relation to Health Essay

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Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. There is an estimated 11 million Americans enjoying the health benefits of yoga. Though few people even know why. Most people think it’s just “Stretching”, But very few ever really stops to think about the health benefits of yoga. So let’s look at a few of these shall we? Some of the most commonly talked about benefits of yoga are the all-around fitness, weight loss, Stress relief, inner peace, improved immunity, living with greater awareness, better relationships, increased energy, better flexibility and posture, better intuition, increased lubrication of the joints ligaments and tendons, massages all of the organs in the body, complete detoxification, excellent toning of…show more content…
The implementing of Kundalini yoga (the yoga of awareness) have shown to held drug addicts increased their quality of life according to psychology questioners like the behavior and symptom identification scale and the quality of recovery index. For chronic lower back pain, specialists in Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs have found 30% more benefits than usual care alone in the U.K. clinical trial. Yoga health for lower backs program is the dominant treatment for society (both cheaper and more effective than usual care alone) due to 8.5 fewer sick days off work each year. In a study from the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health it was shown those ten healthy, untrained people ages 18-27 years old they ran studies on muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, cardio-repertory fitness, body composition and pulmonary function. Two classes per week, for eight weeks. The results of the findings were Muscle strength 31%, Elbow extension, and Elbow function 19% and Knee extension increased by 28%. The Isometric muscular endurance for Knee flex was 57%. Ankles flex Shoulder elevation, Trunk extension, and trunk flexibility increased by 13% and 14% respectively. Absolute and Relative maximal oxygen intake increased by 7% and 6% respectably. These findings show that regular Hatha yoga practice can improve the health aspects for physical
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