Yoga as medication?

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Introduction Individuals who practice yoga experience an awareness of their body and environment. Yoga helps them to relax and feel at peace with a subtle feeling of stimulation. This paper examines the use of prescription drugs/stimulants that are used to treat ADHD in children, and the use of an alternative that for some can be just as effective to treat ADHD. Yoga has beneficial factors for managing ADHD symptoms. According to the “yoga Journal” through deep breathing exercises, yoga teaches kids to tap into their breath in daily life as a source of mental and physical control. According to a published study in ISRN, pediatrics have researched the benefits of yoga with children, and have found that yoga increases the school performance…show more content…
This is the part of the brain associated with higher learning and increases neuroplasticity, which helps people to learn new things as well as change the way things are done. Yoga has been found to unify the body as a whole. During yoga the body and mind are in a state of balance. "Relaxation is when the body and mind are in a state of balance," said Jasmine Kaloudis, a yoga instructor in Philadelphia( Myhealthnewsdaily contributor 2010). What that means is that yoga works as releasing chronic muscle tension and restoring natural diaphragmatic breathing. Here is a chart describing the different forms of yoga and how they help with ADHD. To find out more check out this link below. [] Forms Description Helps ADHD Ashtanga Focuses on strengthening the body and stimulating the mind. Affects the central nervous system and slows down thinking. Vinyasa Focuses on matching the breath to movement Connecting the breath with the mind and body Iyengar Focuses on holding muscles tight to relieve stress and become more flexible Relaxes and numbs the area of the body resulting in a calm mind Kundalini Involves chanting and focuses on exploring the effects of breathing Relieves stored energy Bikram Hot yoga that includes inversions, and increases blood
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