Yogacara War

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This is combated in the same fashion that anxiety is, according to the Yogacara. One has to be able to see the moments as they come, and be able to live in and savor them. However, instead of being concerned about the death of the moment, one has to realize the moment is happening to begin with, and not let it pass them by due to thinking that their actions are inconsequential. A life without meaning is not a life worth living, and disassociating from the world makes people just go through the motions of living, and that is clearly a destructive tendency that the Yogacara tries to combat with its teachings. A common side effect of disassociation, but on the grand scale as well, is also the inability to feel realities of war, especially for…show more content…
Seeing war be dramatized and romanticized is extremely damaging because it causes war to become commonplace and makes people unable to see it for the horror that it truly is. There war that is seen through a screen is far different than the war being experienced. The problem with war being experienced in real time at all times is also the fact that people are forced to see the victimization of people in the comforts of their own home and then become desensitized to the horrors that are being faced by people at all hours of the day in some places. Overexposure is a key factor in the inability to feel the realities of war. Considering the world is so instantaneous and fast paced, news and updates about the world are constantly coming in at light speed, each of which bearing a headline that is more sad and brutal than the next. The insane amount of exposure we have to such horrific things is causing us to see them as commonplace, which is horribly destructive. We have come to expect bloodshed and war from the world, and its no longer an outrage in most cases. Violence only causes outrage when it happens when and where we least expect…show more content…
He states that “The artistic performance of a stage actor is definitely presented to the public by the actor in person; that the screen actor, however, is presented by a camera, with a twofold consequence. The camera that presents the performance of the film actor to the public need not respect the performance as an integral whole” (pg 10). This is true in terms of news coverage as well, because the person, or people, in the midst of the war are not being accurately portrayed and are therefore just characters in the news’ unfolding plot, and this causes a disconnect from person to person. The person in the war, experiencing it first hand, is no longer having their story told, they are merely an actor to the population, the face of an
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