Yogult1 Task 3

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Bacteria in My Yogurt?

Erica Young
Integrated Natural Science Applications
Task 3
Western Governors University
February 25, 2016
Bacteria in My Yogurt?
Project Design Plan
When you go to the grocery store and pick up a yogurt, some containers stated “live, active cultures”. What does “live, active cultures” mean? Does it mean that there is living bacteria in the yogurt? Isn’t that harmful? Some bacteria can make you sick, but are important because they help your body fight off the bad bacteria.
Problem Statement: But how do we really now that there are bacteria or microorganisms in our yogurt? How many colonies of bacteria growth is in yogurts? Does it vary from different flavors?
Literature Review
Over the years, there have been several studies published on the health effect of yogurt and the bacteria that companies use to produce yogurt. There have been studies done on animals and humans to investigate the benefits. According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “the United States uses lactic acid producing bacteria known as (LAB) which
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The design of the yogurt experiment is important in several key ways. One being the specific question the experiment is supposed to answer. Another type of factor would be any possible bias within the experiment and during the analysis of data. This experiment did foresee any of the experimental design issues possible. In order for someone to replicate this experiment it would be important for them to use all the same tools and brand of the experiment. It would also be important for safe handling and cleanup and understand the possible variables in temperature and lighting. If other tried to replicate this experiment it could determine the experiment is valid only if all procedure and handling were exactly the
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