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Yoho National Park - Research Basic Information • Yoho national park is located in Field, British Columbia. • It is situated in the Rocky Mountains, specifically in the Canadian Rockies, which is a mountain range located in British Columbia and Alberta. • It was established in 1885 as Canada’s 2nd protected area. • Banff national park is located in the eastern part of it and Kootenay national park is located in the southern part of it. • Yoho national park was designated as a part of the United Nations World Heritage Site in 1984. • It consists of steep mountains and is sculpted by glaciers from the ice age. Wildlife • Animals like Grizzly Bear, Cougar, Elk, and Moose are some of the animals that are found in Yoho National Park. • Lynx…show more content…
• The west side receives more rainfall than the east side due to orographic precipitation. • Precipitation increases as the elevation increases. • Average annual rainfall is 314 mm. • Average annual snowfall is 332 mm. • Located between the Prairie and Boreal regions of Canada. • Main air masses that influence the regional climate are the continental air mass from Yukon and Alaska, and Maritimes air mass from the Pacific. • Hot and dry weather in summer and fall. Vegetation • The 2 major vegetation groups of Yoho are: Upland Forest and Fluvial Forest. • Upland Forest o Moist Montane  Vegetation Type: Western hemlock, White Spruce-Douglas, Fir Douglas, Fir western yew. o Intermediate Montane  Balsam Poplar, Douglas fir white spruce. o Dry Montane  White birch aspen, Lodgepole pine-balsam poplar. o Montane Sub-alpine  Lodge-pole pine, Spruce lodge-pole pine o Low-mid Subalpine  Engelmann spruce-subalpine fir o High Subalpine  Whitebark pine, Subalpine larch • Fluvial Forest  Vegetation Type: White spruce Douglas fir-lodgepole pine on old alluvial fans, White spruce-western red cedar on damp alluvial fan, white spruce on permanently water-logged soil, aspen-balsam poplar on moist alluvium • 3 ecoregions defined on the basis of vegetation in this park are: Montane, subalpine, and alpine ecoregions. • An ecoregion is a large area

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