Yoko Ono Gal An Art Analysis

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The “bag piece” (See figure 2) is another artwork in the corner of the whole exhibition. It is composed by a low platform, which is white; and a large black bag on the top of it. The visitors are allowed to crawl into the bag and do some movement in it, like roll on the ground of do some postures. Most of the people feel that they enjoy doing something in it and in front of many viewers because they are covered. Also, when someone is in the bag, they can see through the bag a little bit, but the viewers cannot see anything from the outside. The bag is very soft and cozy, witch makes people feel comfort and do not want to come out.[footnoteRef:11] [11: Blake Gopnik, “Art Critic Gets Trapped in Bag at MoMA’s Yoko Ono Gala”, may 15, 2015, Accessed…show more content…
During the performance, Yoko sat on the stage and invited people to cut her black dress by using a pair of scissors. At the beginning, people seemed shy and hesitated to cut her dress, but they became more and more daring as time went on. Her dress became tatters at the end of the performance and one man even cut her bra straps so that she had to hold the bra to prevent being nude. For most of the performing times, Yoko sat on the stage and kept motionless and deadpan, but near the end, she moved more and tried to hold her bra for several times, and her face seemed sad, because there were tears in her eyes.[footnoteRef:12] [12: Kate O, “Yoko Ono: “Cut Piece” Analysis”, WMST 250 (blog), may 13, 2012, Accessed November 3. 2015.…show more content…
In the “Cut Piece”, the people who cut her clothes more and more are the viewers. Maybe at the beginning of the show, they did not even realize that they would do this. Maybe the one who finally cut off her bra straps was very shy and had trouble to go on the stage to cut a tiny piece of her dress. But people changed eventually. Those changes are unconscious and inevitable, which exactly exposed the essence of the unbalance between man and woman during the 1960s. People cannot deny, because that is what they did, it is sure and real, it is not an arranged performance but a real one with an actual reaction. This kind of form can give a bigger impact on the audience and touch them deeply. They would really think about the social issue and make some changes from
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