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YOLA : Managing multiple challenges

1. How should Lingham manage the dual structure with Cape Town and Silicon Valley?

Lingham chose to found a company with one foot in South Africa and the other one in the West coast of the USA. After facing difficulties for his choice (for example, it was hard to get an American visa to find investors there), he had to fight to maintain a good atmosphere in his company.
How to avoid frustration and jealousy on both sides?
Until now, Lingham managed to deal with this dual structure by implementing initiatives such as virtual teams, frequent business trips for him and a real meeting of all employees in San Francisco at the end of 2008.
He also tried to clarify key tasks and
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40% of the YOLA users are based on the USA and according to the traffic data for six-month period (July 2009 to January 2010), the number of unique visitors is the highest in the USA: 466 378 (see exhibit 3a). Lingham should remember that this country remains the first market to focus on.
If the American market is still a priority, its growth expectations are not very high in the long term (as well as in the western countries) and YOLA has to find other opportunities.
With its subsidiary in South Africa, it is natural for the firm to develop also in this country and to extent its business to close countries and to other emerging markets such as Brazil, India or Asian countries.
To bet on the developing world is already a rewarding strategy. In fact, there were 17 437 unique visits in YOLA from Bangkok (Thailand) for six month period (July 2009 to January 2010), 8 477 fom Johannesburg (South Africa), 8 187 from Bombay (India),…

On the long term, this expansion into the developing world is very viable. Indeed, the process of internationalization of the economic world is still in progress as the top Fortune 500 already includes firms from more than 35 countries.
Moreover, Lingham has a competitive advantage compared to his giant competitors (such as Weebly or Google sites): he had less money but he knows better
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