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‘Fight gone bad’ workout One minute each of these five exercises makes one circuit; complete three circuits. * Consecutive high kicks on the bags (alternate legs every 30 seconds): Targets the hips, glutes and hamstrings * Skipping (freestyle): Gets the body moving, increases stamina * Weighted jab/cross hooks combo (alternate hooks every 30 seconds): Great for toned upper arms * Speed ladder footwork: Increases agility * Burpees to toes-to-bar: Calorie burner DANCE NUMBER Jourdain focus here is “working on posture and fluidity of movement. Holding your shoulder blades together whilst pushing your shoulders down will elongate the neck, sending the chest slightly forward will show confidence. Hands-and-feet dexterity…show more content…
The body has to look naturally beautiful, not too athletic to avoid losing its feminine shape yet somehow strong and lean.” Bikini full body workout * Run (400 metres) * Spiderman push ups (50 reps): Helps amp up the intensity of your push ups and increases upper body strength * Medball lunge twist (50 reps): Targets the quads, glutes and improves balance * Double wave battle rope (50 reps): Builds muscular and
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