Yooree Losordo

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There, she stood in the corner that she could finally call her own.

This was the moment that made Yooree Losordo realize that she had accomplished what many had a difficult time initiating---- a successful business. As the owner of On the Dot Books Bookstore, the shear excitement of bringing a service to the community helps to keep her working tirelessly in her efforts to continue developing all positive ideas into reality.
Migrating from Seoul, South Korea, to the United States at just six years old made Yooree feel eternally grateful to be in a country where she would be given the same opportunities to become a working, successful citizen like everyone else. Since moving to America, her mother worked at the Queens Borough Public Library.
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In many occasions, women-owned businesses stay at a small scale due to lack of finance. Unlike some differing opinion, Boston has a lot of resources for women entrepreneurs. Contrary to popular beliefs, Yooree believes that it is very easy to get opportunities as a woman. The question of discrimination between men and women, and people of color in the business field arose. Yooree commented, “I have never been white nor a man, so I would not know about how it feels to be in their position, but women and men of color tend to be socially conscience, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, and their businesses have social ambitions. The challenges do remain to be all the same.” She says that she has never faced any discrimination that she was aware of, but strongly agrees that entrepreneurs were made to keep going and not dwell on situations as such.
In terms of being a business owner, Yooree believes that the pros of owning one’s own business is that it is very rewarding, one can set their own schedule, the job can be positively challenging, it is possible to create an unlimited destiny, and it gives people an opportunity to grow within themselves. The cons, however, are that the work is never done, and solo entrepreneurship simply means that there are never enough people to help with the
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