York City Description

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It had been a long and stressful week for me so I was happy that I could finally enjoy another Gotham NY class again. I was excited once I heard our next journey through the city would be Chelsea and The Village. I have visited these areas before and have always dreamed that I will one day move there. We started off the day by walking the High Line on 30th street and Tenth Avenue. The High Line is an elevated park within the city that stretches 1.45 miles long. The park was once a street level freight line that transported people through the center of Chelsea. However, because the area’s streets were chaotic and overcrowded, there were many fatalities. Many New Yorkers had actually even known Tenth Avenue as “Death Avenue”. Due to this the…show more content…
For a second you forget you are in The Big Apple and feel as though you are walking a boardwalk on a beach. As we strolled through the park we began to notice many beautiful buildings with amazing architecture styles such as IAC Building as well as the Standard High Line Hotel. What I liked about the IAC Building was how it was very unique in its structure. When I think of the buildings in New York City I always think of skyscrapers. Although the IAC Building is a tall building it is unique in how it twists and turns almost as though it resembled a beehive or a sailboat. I also liked how the Standard High Line Hotel overlooked the High Line itself. The Polshek Partnership architectural firm designed the hotel. We all began to wonder how much it would cost for a room in that hotel, imagining that it would cost an arm and a leg…show more content…
I began to feel as though I have become a trendy New Yorker visiting an art gallery. As a marketing major my favorite part of my major is learning about different types of advertising campaigns, which was the inspiration behind Hoerle-Guggenheim gallery. This gallery’s work of art is called the Market Makers and was created by an artist named Jan Larsen. Larsen’s art gallery is a reflection on the market’s commerce and shows how each era had a different way of advertising through mass marketing. Lance had created these pieces of art to show how different the media and businesses have changed over time from the 50s to the 60s
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