York Regional Police Leader Analysis

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A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way, John C. Maxwell. In my mind, it couldn’t be put any better. Currently, I am attending the University of Guelph-Humber with the aspiration of becoming a police officer. Throughout my first year, I have seen many types of leadership as policing is filled with it. Three traits that have always stood out for me are, Integrity, Accountability and Adaptability. While leadership doesn’t live and die by these traits, I believe that these characteristics strongly contribute to an effective leader. The York Regional Police’s Motto is ‘Deeds Speak”. They strive to lead by example and this captures the first key characteristic of leadership, integrity. As a police officer, you are the…show more content…
Throughout my schooling career I have often taken on the role as a leader. Consequently, a great deal of power is placed upon my shoulders as I am often the one making the final decision. As such, I am always accountable for my actions and my group’s actions. Being the leader, if I am not accountable this creates a negative precedent showing the group that being accountable is not important. Thus, a group that is not accountable for their actions fails as no one is able to fess up to their mistake and move forward to a solution. I see this first hand when playing hockey. When a goal is scored, players will often blame the other players for the team’s failure. This causes issues because if no one is accountable for their actions then no change can be made and the system continues to fail. If the players became accountable they would be more effective in leading change and developing a better plan to prevent goals. This is on a small scale however, accountability effects much larger groups and leaders. If leaders are unable to be accountable, then their leadership is ineffective as they will never be able to move…show more content…
Leaders will often face a group of people that may not necessarily agree with., thus they must be able to lead based on the circumstances they find themselves in and not a textbook leadership style. This is best shown within Canadian politics and policy making, more specifically the Canadian Act, 1982. Pierre Elliott Trudeau had to be adaptable to the demands made by the provinces allowing them certain things so that they would agree to sign the constitution but also maintain his agenda. Unfortunately, not all provinces signed and as such the federal government under the rein of other prime ministers had to reopen the constitution. However, the signing of the constitution by the majority of the provinces directly showed the need for a leader to be adaptable to different demands and to lead based on the circumstances they find themselves
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