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Yorktown Technologies Case Analysis

Case Recap

Founded in 2001, Yorktown Technologies, Inc. is a company that specializes in the ornamental fish industry. The globalization of the ornamental fish industry happened over a half a century ago. Hundreds of freshwater and saltwater fish can be purchased as pets in virtually any industrialized nation in the world (Broy, 2011). Yorktown Technologies commercializes a genetically modified fish called GloFish, which appear to glow in the dark (Mueller, 2010). GloFish are zebrafish that have been genetically modified with fluorescent colors. They are the first genetically modified animals to become publicly available as pets
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The fish are not available in California due to state regulations that ban biotech aquatic organisms (GloFish, 2011). In addition, Singapore – where the fish was originally engineered – has been reluctant to approve its sale (Ely, 2004). This places an additional limit on potential marketing and distribution strategies.

Yorktown Technologies will launch the first commercially available fish that has been genetically modified. They will be available in the United States in late 2003. They will be available in three colors: red, green, and orange (GloFish, 2011).

Yorktown Technologies has an exclusive product and market niche. The company has a substantial number of patents and patent pending applications for GloFish (GloFish, 2011). In addition, the production, market, and distribution of fluorescent fish are strictly prohibited without the approval of Yorktown Technologies (GloFish, 2011). This gives the company a monopoly on fluorescent fish and makes it impossible for other companies to produce, market, and distribute them.

Identifying the Root Problem Components

Yorktown Technologies have several issues that may affect marketing and distribution. The issues are geographical distribution, production, supply and demand, environmental concerns, and retail outlets.

First, GloFish are not approved for distribution and sale in California. California is an

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