Yorktown Technologies

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Yorktown Technologies was founded in November 2001 by Alan Blake and Richard Crockett. The company was to specialize in the concept of producing ornamental fish that expressed fluorescence throughout their bodies. The genetic modification that was needed to produce these fluorescent fish had previously been developed by Dr. Pruchansky, a university geneticist, for research purposes. Because of this development, Blake and Crockett were not able to patent this idea therefore they changed their business strategy from development to one of licensing to use existing technology in hopes of packaging and reselling.
Although Dr. Pruchansky gave Blake and Crockett a good faith agreement to license his patents for the genetically altered fish,
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The advantages to kiosks would be the large volume of consumer market, shopping mall kiosks have experienced a high growth in terms of revenue and numbers, they can offer various products related to the GloFish like brand specific tanks and accessories, and they will still have a sales team available to answer questions and market the product. Some of the disadvantages would be that kiosks have a high cost for renting and limited space.
Based on the three alternatives listed above, the recommended course of action would be the third alternative, offering GloFish in kiosks in shopping malls. Because of the continued high growth of the kiosk environment, it may be a solution to success. Yorktown Technologies would have to focus on the proper marketing of the GloFish in the kiosk environment. Display and lighting would be crucial to the success of this venture. They would have to consider how to keep the fish in the “light” during closing hours to enable them to absorb the necessary lighting and then turn around and display them in a dark environment so the glow will attract the consumer and lead to possible sales. I believe displaying the fish to enable them to show their true colors will be the key to the success of this venture.
There is a lot to learn from this case. For example just because the company had the ability to raise the financial support needed from investors does not ensure that the venture will be successful. There
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