Essay Yoruba Girl Dancing

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Dominique Johnson
Professor John Oriji
History 430
Yoruba Girl Dancing Part II

Colonization Leads to Interlacing of Cultures Reading the second half of Yoruba Girl Dancing one thing I enjoyed most was the description of the many different cultures that Remi was forced to live amongst. These cultures included the European culture of the upper class Nigerian in Lagos, the culture of being at the private school, the working class British culture, the lifestyle of Germans who wanted well and the culture of the well off Nigerians in London. Remi was able to successfully journey her way through each of these different worlds and it was awfully impressive how she did. Although Remi made it through I was surprised at how some of the adults
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One of the major things Remi had to deal with was the criticizing of her fellow peers. When she first got to school all of the little girls were fond of her. They were curious as to why a girl would come all the way from Africa alone and be going to their school. They were almost embracing her through their curiosity but that did not last very long. Anita was the cruelest of the children but much of this can be traced back to what she has been taught by her aunt. Anita created a negative image of Remi by telling people, “If you touch her the black will rub off on you and very soon you will be black all over too.” (Bedford, 86) This played a contributing factor in Remi’s isolation from the rest of the girls. Many of the children believed this was quite true. Remi had her moments when she even thought it was true because of the treatment she was receiving from the girls. This issue was solved when Remi’s teacher told everyone in class her reason for having dark skin and that it would not come off. Race was obviously a big deal to the Europeans; more so with the wealthy older Europeans and not so much with the children. Anita had the luxury of listening to the teachings of her aunt who made sure that Anita had the same view of Africans as she did. One reason I feel the wealthy Europeans have a certain outlook on the Africans is because of their lifestyle. Rich Europeans saw themselves as above everyone in their society. They were
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