Yoseph By Lyncher Summary

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THE EXECUTION: While Yoseph hangs in torment, he is being reviled by the people.... A distance away, phillipe watches stoically... After awhile he gathers his tools he had set down at his side, and a piece of wood he had come into town to buy...making his viewing of yoseph's execution more like an after thought or chance happening. He draws himself up to leave and then turns again to look down on the angry crowd, glances away and walks home to his work shed near his father's house at the village edge. He is emotionless, and calmly, almost pleasurably prepares the wood for a new carving... He is carving a god image... The image of Yoseph. A few days after the hanging, the father, Josef is inconsolable, as he sits in the antechamber that opens
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