Yoshitoshi Kanemaki Sculpture

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My first sculpture I have choose to talk about is a wooden carving by a Japanese artist named Yoshitoshi Kanemaki. I couldn't find an exact name of the sculpture, but it shows a carving for a person holding onto, or attached to a skeleton. This is a sculpture in the round carving because it is a 3-D statue that you can walk around to see from different points of views. My interpretation of this sculpture is someone that has battled their demons and may have even done some things that they are particularly proud of, but they just can't seem to let it go. It is kind of like that saying “everyone one has a skeleton in the closet”. I have two interpretations for these “skeletons”. My first idea for the skeleton, perhaps, is a person that has done some shameful things in their past…show more content…
This was built and presented at Burning Man by a Ukrainian sculptor named Alexander Milov. This is both an environmental and sculpture in the round statue. The giant metal, wired statues are adults, while the inside of the statue are slightly smaller, illuminated children. This statue portrays two adults with their backs turned to each other. Whether it be a couple, friends, or acquaintances, the giant wired people portray adults that cannot meet eye to eye. They choose to “turn their backs” because they have too much pride to be the bigger person and compromise. While on the inside are child-like innocence of the adults that want to be together and play. They are more naïve and don't understand daily conflicts that adults face. Children are more likely to look past such things being full of hope and wonderment of a possibilities and futures to come. I believe he chose for the adults to just be dull, and dark to represent how cold hearted and hateful can be, or turn into. All the while, he chose for the children to emit a bright, white light to to show the peace, comfort and hope children have to give in this
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