You Are Seeking A New Opportunity?

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Please share why you are seeking a new opportunity? I am looking for an opportunity to grow and use my Master’s in Public Health (MPH). My current agency works with a small group of young people and I am looking for exposure to a larger group of stakeholders so, I can continue to hone my MPH skills. I am committed to working with young people and am passionate about health and health prevention. I am excited that the Program Manager opportunity would allow me to be innovative in managing projects and a team. Q2. We are committed to our core values: Safety, Teamwork, Accountability, Innovation, Service, and Spirit. Please briefly describe in your own words, how you would incorporate these values into your view of company culture…show more content…
As an MPH, my experiences have taught me to meet people where they are at and that to effect change; advocacy, education and shared decision-making are crucial to success. My Master’s degree has prepared me well to use evidenced-based research and data to target the teen audience. As an MPH, I understand the framework needed to run successful programs and how to conduct program evaluations, plan and strategically implement health education programs and communicate, promote and advocate for health promotion. I also believe that theories such as the Health Belief Model and Transtheoretical Model, etc. can provide good framework for injury prevention programs. Working for a nonprofit, I assess needs, resources and capacity in implementing programs and find that creatively finding solutions with minimal resources an enjoying challenge. From my current job, I understand data, how to report outcomes and measure success. Q4. What attributes and tactics do you think are important in working with teens (11 – 26 years old) and/or their parents? Why are these important? Use examples from your own experience when possible. I love teens!! Meeting teens where they are at and embracing their uniqueness are two attributes that I possess. Many people find teens frustrating, but I believe they are passionate human beings who are learning about the world. My job is to keep them in the “nest”, educate them and help them to become self-sufficient healthy adults who know
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