You Are The Boss. Mian Mao. Mian Mao Is A Senior Majoring

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You are the Boss Mian Mao Mian Mao is a senior majoring in Interior Design, and now part-time working in College of Business as a peer recruiter for 19 hours per week. Mian’s major jobs are leading tours consisting with 3 to 10 forthcoming new students around Austin Hall and especial dormitories for COB students, and inserting data into the computer and sorting materials into files. According to Mian’s description, Mian enjoys and satisfies her working environment and atmosphere as friendly coworkers and accommodating supervisor. The reason of choosing this job for Mian is that there are opportunities to communicate with different people and to improve her oral ability, which accords with Goal Setting Theory. In addition, the motivation…show more content…
Mian said that once she did not finish the work of that day, she must take the job back to home and catch up the whole progress. Lastly, Mian has already reached her goal commitment for both job characteristic and work performance. Niggy Lee Niggy Lee is now working in Ernest&Young as an audit, one of the “Big Four” audit firms. Actually, audit is one of my dream jobs, and Niggy shares her career experience and advices to me. Niggy now is a senior manager who works with 10 people in the team. As Niggy’s description, she always works more than 75 hours per week in the peak season. The busy and massive work often frustrates her to intend resign for several times. At the same time, this job provides Niggy satisfied income and opportunities to achieve her primary objective. Niggy explains that she continues to work in Ernest& Young as result of straightforward promotion mechanism which motives her greatly. Niggy’s major in college was engineering. During the vacation, Niggy worked in a bank as an intern and began to be interested in finance. After she got bachelor degree, she worked in a technology startup company as an entry-level employee, and then she lacked interest in this occupational area. Moreover, Niggy’s parents perused her to work in a stable and promising field and company. Hence, Niggy decided to study accountancy in the master program. Because of Niggy’s own expectation and self-efficacy, she can exert a high

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