You Beat Time On My Head Imagery

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The poet uses many types of imagery throughout his poem that depicts more negativity than positivity, however both are present. For instance, the poet says “ The whiskey on your breath Could make a small boy dizzy; But I hung on like death” (lines 1-3). This pinpoints one example of negative imagery in the poem because whiskey on his breath, dizzy, and death all provide unfavorable images in the reader’s mind. Another representation of this, is when the author states “ You beat time on my head ” (line 13). This also portrays negative imagery in the poem because it reveals an abusive image to readers. Lastly, a contrasting illustration of imagery is when the author conveys “ We romped until the pans Slid from the kitchen shelf” ( lines 5 & 6). This encourages that there also is positive imagery present in the poem because the father dancing with his child which provides love and security for the reader's mind.…show more content…
To establish this point, in the poem Roethke declares “ My mother's countenance Could not unfrown itself” (lines 7 & 8). This illuminates how angry tones are present in the poem when the author expresses through his writing the anger the mother possesses while her child and husband waltz and make a huge mess. Another point that suggests this is when the poet adds “The hand that held my wrist Was battered on one knuckle” (lines 9 & 10). This also helps construct the angry and afraid tones throughout the poem because it hints that the poet is fearful of his father’s aggression. On the other hand a sample that expresses a contrasting tone, loving, is when the poet says “ Then waltzed me off to bed Still clinging to your shirt ” (line 15 & 16). This clearly reflects the positive tones in this poem because the father is dancing and loving on his son by waltzing him off to
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