You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Can't Make It Drink

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One who seems to be in need in help is not always one to be searching for it. To many if not all the need to help another might seem urgent in times such as drug addiction, financial problems, or a troubled marriage. The help being received is not always welcomed with open hands. A person can get helped by many others, but if they are reluctant to change their ways, Then there is no point in them being helped. This is stated in the adage “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” This adage comes to prove that there is no use in helping those who are comfortable with their life style no matter how atrocious it is. Whether in relationships, history, or the public world, this adage is proven to be true in all aspects of …show more content…
One cannot change others lifestyles, they can only advice and show how too, but the decision to change a lifestyle comes from the individual. Another example to show the adage to be true in relationships will be to take a look at a troubled marriage. A married couple might seek a marriage counselor to help them fix their problems in their relationship. They might go to the counselor wanting to fix the feeling of them losing interest for one another. The counselor will give them advice on how to spice up their relationship and bring that spark back. What the counselor does not know is that the husband already got in his mind that he doesn’t feel the same way about his wife. He now has a mindset of loss of interest; he might only be going because his wife nagged him into going. He, to begin with doesn’t want to be there, goes in there not really wanting to get anything out of it because he has his mindset that he is bored of his wife. Since he has his mind set, no matter what the counselor will tell him or advise him to do, he has already predetermined his mind that he is losing interest in his wife and there is nothing anyone can do about it, that its “normal” or “not meant to be” and with his mind set like that, nothing will get accomplished. The wife and counselor are on board with trying to make this relationship work, but they need the husband to be on board as well. The wife can keep taking him to marriage counseling, the counselor will keep

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