You Can Never Predict What Life Is Going At You

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You can never predict what life is going to throw at you. Until I was about 9 years old, I lived in Groves, Texas which was located by the Gulf of Mexico. Groves was a small town, so small that I had to go to school in Port Arthur, the city right next to Groves. I had a small house and a big backyard with lots of trees. My dad also kept a small ship and a boat in our yard, and I always thought about what it might be like to board the ship. My days would be spent playing with my little sister and hanging out in the yard, exploring every inch of our lawn. One hot September day, I was in my fourth grade class when kids were being checked out. My teacher explained to those of us still in class that a hurricane seemed to be heading our way.…show more content…
Traffic was terrible. It was more than terrible, we would only move what felt like an inch at a time. People were running out of gas and there were no gas stations open for miles. My dad kept the air conditioning off to preserve the battery or gas, and it was blazing hot out. I remember being drenched in sweat, wondering where we were going to end up. When it came time for me to sleep, the car was so packed I had to move in awkward positions to get comfortable and use cardboard boxes as pillows. We could not afford to pull over for potty breaks so my parents had my sister and I pee in a jar. Gross right? But that was all we could do. There was a countdown to when the hurricane was coming and we had to get as far away as possible. Even though we traveled for days, we only got as far as Woodsville which was only about two hours from where I lived. A two hour trip had been stretched out to days because of the traffic. We were notified to find shelter and we ended up in a high school gym.
We were given two cots since there were four family members and we huddled our way to the middle of the gym. There were a lot of people, all just as miserable looking as we were. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep on the cot about five minutes after arriving to our shelter. I slept so long and so deep, the hurricane passed over our shelter and I missed it. When I woke up my mom told me about how the hurricane passed and that we
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