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YOU DECIDE: INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY 1 You Decide: International Case Study Andree Carmelita Pierre DeVry University Keller Graduate School of Management YOU DECIDE: INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY 2 Abstract Mary Wright is a human resources consultant for a telecommunications’ company in Miami, Florida, whose company has recently decided to expand its operations in the Arab Emirates, in Dubai. Mary’s extensive professional background along with her dedication to the company has acknowledged her as a highly qualified candidate to support their expansion efforts in Dubai and has selected her to fill the role of VP of Human Resources and Employee Relations. The United Arab Emirates is a…show more content…
Acquiring a visa entails fees along with medical examination fess which overseas’ companies have to incorporate into an effective financial plan if choosing to hire expatriates. To avoid high expenditures in visa fees and medical fees Mary may consider hiring qualified nationals for labor. Loneliness can impose a challenge to Mary due to many factors such as cultural differences, finances and nostalgia. In reference to finances one issue which becoming more apparent is the fact that expats automatically assume that they are moving to a “like-for-like” situation with regards to the cost of living. The cost of living in Dubai is relatively higher than majority of countries in the West because it is an expensive country to live in, Mary must address this “like-for-like” mind set and inform interested applicants prior to hiring and/or through orientation. Cultural differences between East and West is noticeable in Dubai although Dubai is more lenient compared to other countries in the region, cultural clashes may cause expats to feel isolated. Reminding and reinforcing to expats that choosing to move to a region which has a different culture adaption is key first and foremost. Moving to another country will be a new experience for expats to adjust the move and being away from home may be difficult for some, Mary must take into consideration all these variables associated to loneliness. What programs can Mary introduce to attract, recruit,
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