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Name __Randy Stonecrest_______________
Course Section __HR 599_________
Date ____April 9, 2012______

Scenario Summary:
A supervisor in a large accounting firm is scheduled to interview a job candidate who comes highly recommended and has excellent qualifications. Jim has an accounting degree (bachelors) from a prestigious Ivy League school and has been working on his MBA by attending an online program for the last 18 months and is close to earning his degree. In addition he has been working for one of your competitors for several years and has excellent references attesting to his ability. Your payroll budget has recently been reduced significantly as a result of a declining client base and your manager has the final authority
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I personally do not believe $50K will land Jim. Helen wants to “save-face” with the HR Director, because she is afraid by going to him for more money will make her look weak as a manager.

4. Propose a negotiating outcome for each of the possible negotiations that could occur in this scenario and defend your responses. Negotiations between:

Supervisor and Job Applicant
I would use Integrative bargaining and try to negotiate Jim down (somewhat) on his salary expectations. The approach I would employ is the fact that he would be working for such a great company, a leader in the industry. I would emphasize the room to grow. I would also put incentives and or bonuses out there for him to strive for. I would get him to look at his potential for growth and salary increases in the future. Maybe, I would tie them to his performance.

Supervisor and Accounting Manager
If I was the supervisor, I would go strong after my Accountant Manager to approach the HR Director about an exception to policy for the position’s salary cap. If I felt strong enough about this potential new hire’s ability; then I think it would be worth the effort and time. They should look at this as the long term potential that Jim has to help this company become stronger and make more money be gaining more clients. Helen (The manager) must put personal beliefs or assumptions aside and seek advice or make suggestions based on her best professional opinion of the benefits to hire

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