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Week 3 You Decide

mYa Cater

SOCS 350


Gail Rognan

My job is to hire a sales manager who will sell the latest fiber optics to leading wireless manufacturers of five key companies. Some of the job requirements are that the sales representative must be articulate, sophisticated, and knowledgeable about fiber optics. The job also requires travel Monday through Friday in order for the sales representative to work with those in the prospective company. The job also requires spending leisure time after 5:00 P.M. with prospective clients. I have four prospective employees to choose from. Jake is a Certified Public Accountant who made a career switch to sales. He is single and wants to devote time to his
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She is single and will be available to travel and work long hours. Bell defined discrimination as the process of denying rights and opportunities to groups or categories of people based on prejudice or arbitrary rationale (Bell, M. 2007). I will try as much as possible to avoid hiring devoid of discrimination.

In my role as a hiring manger I would choose Jyoti. She seems to be the best suited person for the job because she has most of the requirements needed for the position. She is a manager of a wireless retail store; she has people skills and leadership abilities. She is experienced in turning revenues in the red around, which displays good financial management skills in sales. Ms. Jyoti is single and available to devote time needed to turn things around and can travel if needed. Having worked in the wireless field is a plus to the company, and her possession of great customer relationship skills is very much needed in the growing technology world today. I believe with appropriate training and some encouragement to take college courses in fiber optics she would be a great asset for the company. The other candidates have great resumes and are also qualified; however other limitations like being newly married, communicating in the English language which happens to be very important in sales, having no experience at all in sales would make it difficult for them to be a good fit. Sometimes it is not the

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