You Don T Know Me Analysis

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In my collage I chose to use pictures and words that are the literal visual representations of the scenes in the book You Don’t Know Me. For example, at the beginning (from left to right) of the collage I have a frog, toilet, and person doing a handstand. All these pictures represent a part of John’s identity. (do I need to write it as if the reader hasn’t read the book?) The frog symbolizes how John is always saying “the _______ that is not really a ________” this is the reason why I have so many frogs throughout my collage. It is also part of the reason why I chose to craft my collage in the shape of a frog. The other reason I did this though was because I thought it would add a bit of an amusing factor.
I added the picture of the toilet at the head of the frog because John states how he believes he was named after a toilet. John spends a lot of time in his head, he comes up with fantasies and ideas that he creates from data that he collects during the day. One example of this is the _________. The _______ are a made up(by John) tribe of people who walk on their hands(this is why I included the photo of a person walking on their hands.) Throughout the novel John brings up the _________ tribe and the multiple sets of rules they have that correspond or
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The reason I wrote on the photo of paper is because in the novel it’s described that John did that. The farther right you look the more photos are there that represent different scenes in order. The basketball symbolises when John went on the date with Gloria to a basketball game. The photos of money and the TV are there to represent how when John stole money from his mom's boyfriend/abuser Stan forced John to help him transport ___________. I chose the picture of the violet flower to represent when John went on a date with Violet, a girl who accepted him for
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