You Don 't Get It !

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“You don’t get it!” And I slam the door and walk down the street toward our church. How much I wish she would understand. I’m tired of hearing her complain about her life. When I reach the road, I see the old house and walk that way instead. Inside it smells of rot and mold and there isn’t anything in the room except a staircase to the far left. I go upstairs and find a string in the middle of a bedroom. “Weird.” I say and pull the string. A staircase unfolds before me. As I go up them, I flinch with every creak and groan. Who knows how old these things are. When I climb into the attic, the first thing that hits me is the smell. It smells even worse than downstairs. Then I see what’s up there, there are boxes filled with…show more content…
“What is the one thing you want the most? 30 seconds left… 25… 15…” What to wish for, what to wish for. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five…” “I wish my mom could understand me.” It’s done, there’s no going back. “Oh right, note this, how I grant the wish isn’t always what you expect.” Says the genie, then he claps his dust hands and everything goes black. I wake up to the alarm clock, but something isn’t right. I feel super old. I sit up and climb out of bed. Yep, I feel like I’m 60. I go look in the mirror and scream. “No, no, no, that’s not what I wanted, stupid, stupid genie!” I run into my room and yank my body out of bed. My body screams, even though I didn’t. “Young lady! What do you…” She looks at me in horror. “Who are you?” She stammers. “Ha.” I laugh, but nothing is funny. “Who am I? Who are you?” I point at her and she runs around me and looks in to mirror. “No, no, no ,no I have to be there early today. You have to go to work, now! You’re going to be late.” “I’m not going to work, you go to work. I have a test in math today!” I counter, but I really just don’t want to go to her dumb job. “I’ll do it for you, just go!” I don’t really have a choice, so I climb in the car and try to drive. It doesn’t work so well. On the highway, I almost hit a car at a stop sign and I end up driving off the
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