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This poem is able to express to the reader character loneliness and

self-unconsciousness. It dramatizes conflict between the opposing principles of love and

fear. This conflict transmits no explanation to what the speaker represent and what the

poet indicates. From You Fit Into Me, offer the impression of love in a dark, mystifying

way. The poet points to a specific object packed on an emotional content of obsession

dependence toward violence. The writer, from an extreme frame of mind, exposes

viciousness by something in humane and excruciating painful. Nevertheless, the poem

convey a angst-ridden attitude, melancholy and thoughts of suicide.

The poem gives a direct and limited words of the poet’s feelings.
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The third stanza “a fish hook” interrupts the visions of happiness shifting it into a

fantasy of cruelty and excruciating pain (3). The poet mentions “a fish hook” specifically

because it has a cutting remark that make it impossible to pull it out and in the

path it entered (3). It makes one squirm with horror- the contrast is so unexpected and

extreme. It helps the reader to think more carefully about the subject matter.

The fourth stanza, “an open eye”, make known a piercing remark to whoever

inflicted such damage must not to be ignored. The poet expresses an tortured approach at

the poet’s blindness. The reader might claim that the poet tries to make contact to the

reader because of the crucial isolation of the self. This is a struggle alongside an

unnoticed but heavy presence. It is clear observations on the ignored, unseen abuse, and

oppression of the woman that has been torn between sexual and emotional relationships.

Oppression is more than just a phase people go through. It is a powerful reality and

people do not realize its effects. There is great sadness to the one before the last line with

its repetition; here is a token of distress and misery: “a fish hook, an open eye.” It is

obvious the poet talking to self more

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