You Fit into Me by Margret Atwood and Cherrylog Road by James Dickey

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The poem by Margret Atwood, You Fit Into Me, and James Dickey’s Cherrylog Road have similar underlying truths. These two poems are similar because the universal truth behind both go “hand in hand”. Both Atwood’s and Dickey’s poems are perfectly set up in a timely fashion. What I mean by that is that they both illustrate change over time. They both list the events in the order they happened. The poems both display that the lust, love and yearn for someone that you are infatuated with always ends at some point. In Margret Atwood’s narrator’s situation, that period of time was obviously very painful. James Dickey however portrays a deeper meaning of love, saying love that lasts means acceptance and that acceptance sometimes means realizing that it is over. This love that dickey conveys is not for the person but for the experience with this girl. He explains that both people are “Wild to be wreckage forever” (Dickey, line 108) though the moment will always be in his mind and will never be wrecked for forgotten. James Dickey shows that the narrator goes though the stages of infatuation from beginning to end by telling a story of making love. Atwood tells a short but sweet story of infatuated love with a complete turn of events that absolutely slaps the reader in the face. The narrator goes through a complete metamorphosis in a matter of ten simple words. It is safe to say Atwood’s sneaky attempt to throw the reader for a loop that they become fixated in
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