You Have Gestures: What Is Effective Communication With One Another?

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When people think about communication they would tend to assume that means talking, literally. We are used to communicating with one another either through text or over the internet or even talking face to face with another person. Many people don’t think of gesturing as a way of communicating with others. Many species, not only humans use this gesturing as a way to extend their point or to get a point across to one another. They use this method because they either: ant communicate with one another because it would make them vulnerable or because they sue that as their only means of communication. In this essay I will show you how communication with one another can not only be verbal but non-verbal as well. As Christine Keanneally mentions in a chapter in her book titled “You Have Gestures”. She discusses and evaluates how language has evolved from a simple form of communication to a more complex entity. She mentions in one paragraph that “Gestures play a large role in primate communication… gestures are learned, flexible and under…show more content…
One passages states: “ Elephants, when left on their own devices, are profoundly social creatures… studies of established herds have shown that young elephants stay within fifteen feet of their mothers for nearly all of their first eight years of life (324).” Now just like young children, young elephants cling to their parent’s side when they are in the adolescent stage in their life. Many of which when older leave and mingle with a unknown herd and stick with them for most of their life. Being affected by tragedies such as death of a member of their family also plays role in their socialization skills. When an elephant witnesses a death of a relative elephant, per the book, they undergo “mourning” and Burial rituals” over weeklong
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