Essay on You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis

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Characters: Luna is the main character. She is smart, thoughtful, and a little shy. She is also very curious. Luna has an opinion about everybody, and she likes intellectual and creative people. She likes talking about her ideas and theories. Luna loves photography, and she has just gotten a camera. I think Luna is very brave because even though it is probably scary to try to find out all of the secrets that her mother had, she is still doing it. That takes courage. Luna is a strong person - she might seem hard to get to know, but once you do, she is a very good person.
“It’s a vintage camera, the kind I’ve always wanted… it’s exquisite.” -pg. 55 Ideas: The main idea of the book is that Luna’s mother and father had so many secrets and
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Like I said before, the whole thing is kind of like a puzzle, and it is put together one piece at a time.
“‘... I am listening to each [message] in order to see if I can piece it all together.’” -pg. 82 Meaning/Language:
Darkroom (pg. 69) - denotative: a room in which film or the like is made, handled, or developed and from which the actinic rays of light are excluded connotative: the place where pictures are made into works of art
This is special to Luna because this is where she produces all of the pictures that are so important to her.
Silhouettes (pg. 70) - denotative: a two-dimensional representation of the outline of an object connotative: a shadow, often a person. It could also be used as a reminder of something.
Luna often sees Oliver’s silhouette when he is practicing the cello. She likes to imagine that she is there with him.
Dreamed (pg. 165) - denotative: a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind connotative: an imagination, often brought up by wishes or fears
Luna sees memories in her mind of her mom and other things, and also fantasy scenes of things like her and Oliver.
Celebrity (pg. 10) - denotative: a famous or well-known person connotative: someone that other people envy and dream to be, often because of looks or talents.
Luna knows a lot of celebrities, because her mom and dad are both famous. Luna definitely has a different viewpoint on fame than a normal person.
Model (pg. 64) - denotative: a

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