You Have to Be a Good Manager to Be an Effective Leader

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Organization Behavior "You have to be a Good Manager to be an Effective Leader" INTRODUCTION A manager is a person who supervises the work of others so that the assigned goals and targets are achieved in the most effective, efficient, and well-organized fashion (Daft 2011). A manager makes decisions for his organization, organizes, motivates, and leads its human resource, and controls its business affairs so as to achieve efficiency and superior operational performance. All the functions and responsibilities of a manager overlap each other at all the managerial levels within an organization (Basefsky, Maxwell, Post, & Turner 2004). Leadership is one of the core functions of a manager. This leadership function essentially requires the leader to be specialized in all other management functions in order to lead his followers effectively and efficiently (Leatherman 2008). Therefore, it is strongly believed that a person must have to be a good manager in order to become an effective leader. This paper critically examines this statement in the light of relevant literature; including books, research papers, and journal articles. ANALYSIS AND INTEGRATION Who is a Leader? A leader is the manager of people within an organization. He directs, leads, and motivates them towards a common direction so as to ensure a successful achievement of organizational objectives. In order to become an effective leader, a person not only has to focus on his professional qualities and
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