You Just Don T Understand Summary

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Deborah Tannen article “You Just Don’t Understand” brings realization to the people about how men and women can have different viewpoints, even if they were both in the same situation. This article provides multiple example on how men and women react to one another when they don’t agree or understand why the other gender is responding a certain way. Furthermore Deborah Tannen is a linguistic, which means she is concerned with the formation of words, formation of sentences, the language use, and the meaning. So throughout the article the reader can see Tannen using these concepts throughout the reading for the reader to understand more. Along with feminist criticism, the reader can see how behavioral expectations are imposed on men and women, what marital expectations are imposed, and how marital status of men and women is affected.
While reading “You Just Don’t Understand,” the reader will see it is a theme going on with the men and women behavior. The reader will see in every situation the female in its case will act as if the man is always over reacting to something and female is more sensitive to how the man responds to her. However, throughout the story the reader will see the man is always thinking they will be less of a man if they don’t be the dominate person in a situation and that the woman is always
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One example in “You Just Don’t Understand,” there is a wife that wanted to use her VCR to record movies aired on HBO. However, the husband “... declared the VCR incapable of performing this function”(22.3), but instead of the wife trusting his judgement she ask a man next door because he fixed one of her VCR’s before. Instantly this caused a problem; now the reader can see the theme happening again in another example. The man now will feel as the woman is questioning his skills and knowledge, but of course the woman feels as the husband is just over reacting to the
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