You Know That Isn 't What I Shouldn 't Let Me

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"You know that isn 't what I meant, " 'Sure it wasn 't, ' I think to myself the comfortable pillow one of the few things stopping me from getting up and leaving the room. The only other reason was because I knew we should talk it out instead of me walking away.
Folding my arms under my breasts I watch as he pick up the discarded clothing by the closet. "What is it that you meant then?"
Turning with a pile of clothing in his arms his lips part to speak. "You don 't let me in, "
"I do let you in, "I say knowing from the moment that it left my lips that it was a half lie.
Tossing the clothing into the hamper he turn on me shaking his head." No, you don 't."
I huff looking up at his ceiling. So what, I didn 't tell him everything. To me, it wasn 't worth mentioning. "Sometimes I do, " I defend myself. It was the truth. I 'd told him some things that I wasn 't even sure I needed to tell him. I still wasn 't too sure about it.
The bed dip beside me and I feel a bit more calm as his hand settles onto my thigh. My eyes follow the length of his arm until it reaches his soft dark brown eyes.
"Baby, I 'm not trying to force you to tell me. I 'm saying, I 'm here for you boo. You ain 't gotta be scared to tell me shit, "
I hear what he 's saying, but a part of me thinks otherwise. I didn 't want him to think of me differently. It was the past, yeah, but it was still a part of me. A part that I wasn 't sure that I wanted to reveal. Not yet.
"Yeah, " is all I murmur in return, not sure…
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