You Know When The Men Are Gone By Siobhan Fallon

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Siobhan Fallon, has a Master of Fine Art from the New School in New York City in addition to being a military spouse, is the author of “You Know When the Men Are Gone” a short story collection book. In the short story “You Survived the War Now Survive the Homecoming” Fallon writes a gripping and enticing story about Carla and her beloved husband, Ted, who returns from war as a changed man. Carla is struggling with Ted because he is easily enraged and poses as a threat to Carla and their seven month year old child. Throughout the story Ted and Carla must work together to bridge the change that war brought upon them. In 2011 “You Know When the Men Are Gone” was published, during this time, the war in Iraq was coming to end and soldiers were returning home from deployment. Fallon’s primary audience consisted of American civilians unaffiliated with a military family or lifestyle. Therefore the audience may be aware of the life of a military spouse but not entirely informed on the effects war has on a family. This audience shares similar values on family, for example how important honesty and patience is within families. Although returning home is the most exuberant time for a soldier longing for their family, Fallon’s use of third person perspective in the short story “You Survived the War Now Survive the Homecoming” exemplifies the reality of Carla, the wife, dealing with the hardships of a returning soldier because adjusting back to normal civilian lifestyle seems unfeasible.…
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