You May Ask Yourself, By Sociologist Dalton Conley

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Sociologist Dalton Conley wrote his book, You May Ask Yourself, addressing how “gender is a social construction” that is so normal for society to think how a man or woman should act towards the public. Society often categorizes roles that females and males are suppose to play in, but not only are they categorized they are also being taught what their gender role is suppose to do. The beginning of gender socialization can start with a child who is not born yet by simply having the parents purchase items that are all pink if its expected to be a girl, but if its expected to be a boy then everything they purchase will be blue. Conley states that gender roles are “sets of behavioral norms assumed to accompany ones’ status as male or female” (Conley [2008] 2013:134). So even when a child is growing into their infant years, toys are made specifically for their gender. By examining how social construction places gender in categories it becomes apparent that males and females get differentiated a lot which emphasizes inequality between them.

In a near by Walmart I analyzed some of the toys that were on the boy section. Most of the items that I saw had an influence of violence and/or job related roles that men are usually known to work in. For instance, the Nerf N-Strillee Elite Cross Bolt Blaster, is designed to make boys feel the experience of having a real crossbow which can be viewed as a violent toy. This item had two main colors, blue and orange, which usually signifies as…
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